Looking for scriptures that cover tithing in the bible? 

There are certainly TONS that reference it… 

Malachi 3:8 says:

New International Version (NIV)

 8 “Will a mere mortal rob God? Yet you rob me.
  “But you ask, ‘How are we robbing you?’
  “In tithes and offerings.

But, none of them really explain the heart of the issue quite so much as Christ did in this verse:


Matthew 6:21
21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Announcing a complete package designed to help you TEACH tithing to your church, small group or class. It not only contains a TON of scriptural references and stories related to church offerings, but much more. 



A Comprehensive Guide To EVERYTHING you need to know about tithing…

Chapter 1 – The Biblical History of Tithing

Chapter 2 – If Everyone Tithed

Chapter 3 – What Happens When You Don’t Tithe

Chapter 4 – Storehouse Tithing

Chapter 5 – First Fruits Tithing

Chapter 6 – The Impact Of Tithing on Revival

Chapter 7 – New Testament Tithing

Chapter 8 – Sacrificial Giving

(more to come soon)

Boy what a hassle! That’s generally how most preachers feel about the finances of the church. Wouldn’t it be incredible if we never had to deal with the money? Even Jesus handed the money purse off to someone else. Who wants to deal with it?!

My wife currently handles the offerings of the church. For years we have struggled to find a software that makes the accounting of the tithes and offerings simple. I hate to say this, but about 10 years ago, I believe the accounting software people had a product that was easy enough to use for most people in most churches. Then something sinister began to happen. They started making these programs able to do more. And More. And MORE! To the point that even someone like myself who is very familiar with computers and various programs has a hard time figuring them out.

Last year we purchased one program that was recommended to us which was supposed to be able to store the contributions of the church on a server outside of our own computers for security and privacies sake. I loved this idea and quickly purchased the program. It cost over $35 per month. I thought this price was not too bad if it would help us to record the giving of the church and save us if the computers died or the church caught fire… We’d still have an off site record.

I spent 3 evenings of extremely valuable time trying to figure that program out. I never was able to get it to work. We paid for that program for several months before my wife finally said, “Forget it, I’ll just make my own spreadsheets!” She was frustrated and I was angry that the contribution softwares had gotten so sophisticated that they were now very hard to use by many people.

After talking to other Pastoral friends, and asking them what they were using for contribution software, I heard many of them say that they too had not been able to find a software that was simple to use, safe and inexpensive.

Well, after over a year of searching for a program for our church to use, we have found a superb software that a Programmer/Minister has developed, which is in my opinion, the best contribution/attendance tracking software available. Now if your church needs all the bells and whistles that so many programs have, then I say pay the extra dollars and deal with all the frustration those programs may offer.

However, if all you are looking for is an extremely simple, extremely inexpensive, extremely secure contribution/attendance tracking software, then I highly recommend to you the same contribution accounting program that our church is using, www.CFSLive.org.

It literally only took my wife and I seconds to learn how to use this software. It is extremely easy to use and provides all the reporting you will need with one simple click of a button. Did I say how easy this program is?

I recently contacted Rev. Ken Schramm, the developer of this program, and told him how much I appreciated finding a program that was so uncomplicated to use. He graciously offered a remarkable blessing to the churches that I would tell about www.CFSLive.org. Ken is kindly offering an incredible 3 months free usage of Church Family Solutions to anyone who mentions that they heard about CFS from Preach-It Ministeries. Here is the amazing part of this offer, the price is already more than 7 times cheaper than the software I paid for this year and never could get to work. (No free months to try it out either.)

I wholeheartedly recommend www.CFSLIVE.org to your church. If you don’t already have a contribution reporting software that is working for you or one that is costing way more than you care to afford, I encourage you to give this program a try for the next 3 months absolutely free.

I hope you will be as happy with www.CFSLive.org as we are.

Rev. James Smith







 Let's start by asking you a few questions.

  1. Are you totally discouraged right now?
  2. Do you feel overwhelmed?
  3. Is your mental thought process completely shut down?
  4. Do you feel trapped?

I have a friend who consistently responds “I’m happy and blessed” when I ask him how he is doing. Now I like this guy, I really do. But, sometimes, I just want to say “get real" when he tells me that. I don’t know, maybe he really is happy all the time. I guess it’s possible. Anything is possible right?!

I’m going to get blasted over this article. I’m going to get tons of emails from the "Happy All The Time Crowd". They’re going to tell me I’ve gone off the deep end. They will let me know that the Christian should always be happy. It’s our right. It’s our obligation. We should always have this enormous smile that tells everyone around us that we are HAPPY.

Christians are not allowed to get bummed out. Christians, especially Christian ministers are definitely not allowed to sink to the cloud of discouragement. A minister should never allow himself to get to a place of feeling down. Right?

Sounds good doesn’t it. But in the real world that’s a bunch of baloney. Just ask the old Prophet of God. One minute he’s killing off 500 false prophets, and wishing he could die the next.

You might agree with me that most preachers are emotional people. Now some people out there are not real emotional, but most of the preachers I know are people who allow emotion to guide them. Now that’s not a bad thing. I’m convinced that the Lord has a hard time using people who are hard to move emotionally. This is why he anointed David to be king when he was only a boy. God said of David, “He’s after my heart”. Other words, he’s a person who is able to touch me with his emotion. Without emotion, David would be led of his own ideas and agenda. But, since he was a person whose heart could be touched, God said, “I’ll use him in ways he never imagined he could be used.”

Emotion is a good thing. We need to be emotional! God is emotional. Look what the scriptures tell us about him.

  • He gets angry.
  • He gets jealous.
  • He laughs.
  • He’s emotional!

We, being created in his image are allowed the same privilege of being emotional.

Am I making my point? It’s ok to be happy. It’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to be joyous. It’s ok to get mad, even angry. And for all of you who answered yes to my questions in the first paragraph, it’s ok to be totally discouraged. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. And it’s ok to feel like you are trapped and boxed in with no way to get out of feeling completely bummed out.

Did you hear me? It’s OK to feel the way you feel right now. Anyone who says he/she has never felt the way you feel right now is a liar.

Examine the scriptures and you will find heroes of the faith who from time to time were depressed, down in the dumps, down in the mouth, dismal, disheartened, despondent, downcast, dismayed, dejected, doleful, disillusioned and disappointed. In other words they were just plain bummed.

They were bummed out over their circumstances. They were bummed out over their situation. They were bummed out over all the “stuff” that was happening in their life. They questioned whether God Loved them. They wondered if He cared. They doubted He was concerned. Even Jesus on the Cross said to the Father, “Why hast thou forsaken me”.

Are you hearing me, it’s ok to feel this way.

But, sooner or later you are going to have to come out of your self entombed bed of misery. Hear me now, you cannot stay there. It’s a place we all visit from time to time, but it’s not where God would have you to live. I know you see no way out. I realize you are feeling numb even to His touch, but friend we have to move on.

The Psalmist 27:1,3 said “The Lord is the strength of my life… in this will I be confident.” When my strength is gone. When my inner encourager is discouraged. When I feel like I have there is no reason to press on, “The Lord Is My Strength.”

Jesus said, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”. Did you know that if your mental thought process is one of constant defeat, you will be defeated. If all you see is “no way out” then there will be no way out for you. You see a man’s life is what his thoughts make of it. If you allow yourself to waller in despair, you will never see the hope of a better day.

I am by nature an emotional person. I am easily motivated by emotion. Depending on my emotional health, I am either productive, energetic and encouraging. Or I am unproductive, exhausted, and critical of people. I can be the most happy confidence builder you ever met or I can be someone who is worried and sees little to hope for. It all depends on my emotional well being.

I realize that about myself. I admit it. I confess! So, what can I do to keep myself healthy emotionally? First, let me say that the Bible says much about the mind. EX: “The double minded man. Let this mind be in you.” Why does the Bible tell us to guard our mind? Because our minds control our emotions.

What goes through your mind will dictate your emotions. If you allow negative thoughts to prevail, then your emotions will run rampant with negativity.

You’ve heard the story of the farmer who had two young bulls. He asked his helper which of the two bulls would grow to be the largest. The young man guessed the one who was the largest at that point. The farmer said “no, the one we feed the most.”

It’s time to start feeding your mind. Feed it with encouraging books. Feed it with a self growth seminar. Feed it with time in prayer. Feed it by allowing your self to think outside the box. See yourself out of the situation you are in right now. Visualize the debt gone. Create in your mind a place where you can imagine all the trouble behind you. Envision a better day. Create it in your mind. Hope for it. See it. Believe God for it!

In Genesis 11, the Lord declared that a man would do whatsoever he imagined in his heart to do. There is nothing stopping you from being successful in your ministry, if you can imagine it and begin to believe God for it. Nothing can keep you from accomplishing your hearts desire if you would only start to see it through the eyes of faith.

When you preach to that small congregation this week, look over their heads and see through faith, the hundreds of people who will soon be sitting in those back pews.

At this very minute, as you reed this article, potential ideas are in your mind. By releasing and developing these ideas you can solve your financial problem, your business situation, you can care for yourself and your family, and attain success in your ministry. A steady inflow and practical use of creative thoughts can remake your live and you along with it.

All too often the people who lead the service mislead it. These good people whom the Pastor has asked to help out in the service many times serve to cause frustration and confusion in a church service.

Leading a service properly can bring about a move of God that can break every yoke in the service. Leading it improperly can cause people to go home more bound than they were when they came.

Every element of the service should prepare the way for the next. The end result of the service is the move of God in the alter. When you get in the way of the progression, you kill the potential of what could happen.

Here are a few things to consider when asked to “Lead the service”.

- Keep it moving. Don’t allow for delays or “dead air” places in the services. In radio, “dead air” is when you hear silence. It is also when the producer did his job wrong and did not prepare for those seconds of the day. It is during this time that many people will change the channel or turn off their radio. You don’t want this happening in the church service. “No Dead Air!”

- Do not continually comment. If you are introducing the various singers and elements of the service don’t comment each time on the last person who sang or spoke. Just introduce the next part of the service.

- Be prepared. Have a written outline of how the service will run. This way you will not forget any part or aspect of the service. (Forgetting to have the children’s choir sing when they have practiced all week will get a lot of people upset at you.)

- Don’t ramble. Recently I attended a service where the person who led the service in the Pastor’s leave, killed it with his constant rambling. He actually spoke more than the preacher did. He thought he was funny with his jokes and spiritual with his “little messages”. Needless to say, the congregation did not pay much attention to the preacher when he was finally introduced, since they already heard plenty of oratory from the person leading the service. I love preaching, but I have to admit, the guy leading this service wore me out.

- Let special singers know when you are going to introduce them so they can be heading to the platform before you call on them. If at all possible, have these people already on the platform or have them sit in the front of the congregation. The delay of waiting on people get into place is “dead air’. Motion for them to get into place while you are walking up to introduce them.

- If the pastor is not there, don’t make apologies for him. Go on with the service. Let God move. I have been in some services where the person leading the service made such a big deal out of the pastor not being there, that they killed any potential of that particular service. You do not want people thinking that God can’t move just because the Pastor is not there. It is probably best to not even comment about the Pastor being gone or where he is at. Just Have Church!

- Keep it flowing. Keep your words to a bare minimum. Let God move. Let the congregation have time to worship and respond with adoration or applause. Be upbeat. Be exciting. Be expectant of what is coming up next. Keep the Momentum up!

We live in a world that needs healing. We are surrounded by people who need healing. The pain of this healing is manifold. It comes from the past. It comes from the present. It is physical. It is emotional. It is spiritual. It is mental. Some of these people have received a bad report from the doctor and are desperate for a miracle. Physical injuries of every kind have left others maimed or crippled to the point that they struggle to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. Many others are victims of childhood abuses and neglect that have crippled them emotionally and mentally as adults.

These people encircle our churches. They are our members. They are our neighbors. They are the people we bump into at the grocery store and places where we do business. We speak to them on our jobs. We speak to them on the streets. Every day of our lives we are in constant contact with individuals who desperately need a healing of some sort in their life.

But healing does not come. The pain does not subside. The inner and outer suffering is constant and there is oftentimes no help from doctors, psychologists, counselors or even the ministry.

This is very sad, especially when you consider that many people spend their entire lives and fortunes seeking the healing they need.

Just because a person is a member of a church and filled with God’s Spirit does not mean they are not still suffering as the world does. Oftentimes, a person can sit in a church pew their entire lives, and many of them never do completely open up and let God heal the wounds of their heart and mind. Others still are struggling with the news they just received from the doctors. Panic, fear and despair all attack these sweet people as the realization sets into their minds that they may not have long to live or that their malady is something that cannot be healed by the doctors.

For many, the doctors and specialist have done all they can do. Help is not eminent. The suffering is going to continue. Pain, of the heart and mind and throughout the body, is all they have to look forward to. Fear, panic, worry, and anxiety of every kind is constant and is not promised to end.

But God asks the question, “Are You Ready For Your Healing?”

Why does it seem that God heals some and not others?

Why does it appear that a few people are completely delivered from whatever kind of sickness, injury or suffering they have in their lives, yet other patient and faithful people are still waiting for their healing?

If you have ever met Rev. Fred Childs, you would say that he is one of the kindest men you have ever met. You would immediately notice his Texas drawl and gentle mannerisms. If you were to be around him for any time at all, he would begin to tell you of the incredible atrocities that were placed upon him as a child. He would tell you about his birth and how the doctors gave him no hope of living or being a normal child. He would tell you in great detail, about the sickness he had as an infant that should have killed him. He would tell you of the fire that burned his body as a small boy, scarring his body and mind beyond description. You would hear of the overdose the doctors gave him that should have killed him. As you sit and listen to the testimonies of this miracle of God, you are keenly aware that the intelligent and spiritual Man of God who is speaking to you should not be alive. Life has handed Fred every reason to be dead, sick, bitter, and doubtful of every promise of God’s protection, care and love; yet all he speaks about is how God's promises are sure, His protection is guaranteed, and His care and love are the staples that hold his life together.

Why is Fred so sure and positive of God’s promises in his life? The answer to that question lies in the many times that God has healed his body and saved him from certain death. The answer to his positive outlook and faith in his Heavenly father rests in the healing that God has done in his mind from the childhood death blows he received over and over again.

When Fred shared with me his book, Beyond Imagination, a little over a year ago, I was amazed at the number of miracles and the marvelous testimonials from his own life that he chronicalized in the book. Beyond Imagination reads like one of the Chicken Soup For The Christian Soul books. Except, this book is all about genuine miracles. It leaves you crying one moment and laughing uncontrollably the next. I could not put it down once I began reading it.

After I read Beyond Imagination, I called Fred and asked him if he could write another book. But this time, the book should not be about the miracles he has seen, but rather, how the miracles happened. I said. “Fred, people need to know how to receive these kinds of miracles in their own lives. Can you write a book that will explain how it is possible for anyone to receive the healing in their life that God desires them to have.” His answer was that he was already considering this. The result was Are You Ready For Your Healing?

As I read Are You Ready For Your Healing, I realized that I was unquestionably reading the best book I have ever seen on the subject of God’s Healing Power. There have been many books written on the subject, but none of them touch the thorough explanation from God’s Word of His absolute desire and willingness to heal the hearts, minds and bodies of people who are suffering.

If you are a pastor or minister, you absolutely must have this book and teaching. In fact, Are You Ready For Your Healing, has been developed into a complete teaching package for the ministry. It includes both e-Book and printed copy of Are You Ready For Your Healing, editable teaching notes, Power Point presentation, lesson handouts, and even comes with a set of DVD’s with Fred himself teaching all 13 lessons. A pastor could either teach this material himself to his church for a Healing Revival, or show the videos of Rev. Childs himself teaching the materials and giving testimonials of God’s desire to heal.

This material deals with every sort of healing needed; physical, mental and spiritual, both past and present. There are, in the lives of your church members, many people whom they interact with on a daily basis who have desperate needs. This teaching material will most certainly minister to those who have a need.

When a church ministers to the needs of others, it is then better prepared to reach that person with the Gospel Message. While the sole purpose of this teaching is to bring healing of every sort to the participants, the end result should be that the church is blessed and souls are saved.

It is the prayer of Rev. Childs and myself, that you would use these materials to bring restoration to those who need healing in their lives. We also pray that your church will have many guests who attend this teaching and receive a miraculous healing. Prayerfully, these will then become a part of your local church.

You can find Are You Ready For Your Healing at http://www.pastoralhelps.com/ready-for-healing/

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